Michael Arlen, President of NEWtritious, is raising the bar on nutrition.

Michael Arlen's Bio:

Michael Arlen was a pioneer in the sales automation, desktop publishing and e-commerce revolutions. Early adoption of those technologies enabled Arlen Advertising “to do more, with less!” This greatly enriched him and became the springboard that fueled the agency’s ascendancy to become a favorite creative shop for tech entrepreneurs to beta test their software. Many of these tech startups also became Arlen’s clients. Some of them even rose to become the iconic leaders in their product categories.   Arlen enjoyed going on “technology road shows” and hobnobbing on panels with the tech industry’s elite. He frequently spoke on the virtues of sales automation, desktop publishing and the advantages of using online catalogs. Being quick to spot and seize opportunity, Arlen used his speaking engagements as a means to win new business and forge strategic partnerships with like-minded ad agency owners around the globe.   Within 8 years of founding his nimble, LA-based boutique ad agency, he forged strategic alliances in Tokyo, Taipei, Hong Kong, Singapore and Mexico City. Each had state-of-the-art desktop publishing equipment, some of which was donated by the manufacturers, who in-turn, used Arlen Advertising’s offices, as a showcase to demonstrate how the equipment could be integrated and used.   In its heyday, the sun never set on Arlen Advertising!  And, when the US economy was steeped in recession and US advertising was down, Arlen helped found ShoppingNet.com and focused his attention on selling US goods via online catalogs written in Japanese, Korean and Mandarin. Arlen Advertising also helped foreign companies enter the US marketplace.  Its colorful, cautionary ads written in foreign languages, won creative accolades and business from blue-chip firms listed on the Hang Seng, Nikkei and KOSPI.   After an exposé of Arlen’s diversification dominated the front page of the LA Times Business Section, Arlen Advertising became a major supplier of promotional items to the Entertainment and Automotive industries.  The ad agency also created YourLogoOnIt.com, an online store for promotional items.   Michael Arlen crafted a lucrative Affiliate Marketing deal with the American Society of Association Executives, an organization with a membership of over 44,000 associations! The arrangement allowed the ASAE and each of the member associations to earn revenue from the sale of promotional items to their membership.  At the ASAE’s Annual Meeting, Arlen gave a presentation, entitled: “Self-Liquidating Premiums: a way to boost morale and turn your members into walking billboards for your cause.”  This presentation introduced the idea of building the cost of the promotional item into the cost of admission. Shortly after conference, Arlen Advertising had hundreds of orders from associations all across the country.  YourLogoOnIt.com was launched to become the affiliate sales portal, where orders were placed and tracked, and commissions were reported to the ASAE and the affiliated associations.   One day, a client asked Arlen to custom design a pocket reference as a consensus-builder for an upcoming Scientific Assembly. Although the person didn’t have enough money to pay for the development work required to make the pocket reference, Arlen agreed to subsidize the costs, if he could retain the copyright and include Arlen Advertising’s logo and contact info on the bottom of the pocket reference’s front and or back panel.   The pocket reference was a phenomenal success. Calls came in from the trade show, even before the conference was over! Early adopters and big supporters of Arlen’s pocket references were: the Mayo Clinic, The Cleveland Clinic, Kaiser Permanente and the American Heart Association. Later, an assortment of drug companies, Universities, branches of the Military, the CDC, and hundreds of community and regional hospitals, became regular purchasers of the pocket references, which were used in conjunction of teaching the topics to those seeking accreditation for Advanced Cardiac Life Support.   Shortly after the Controller of Harvard University’s Medical School, called to question the propriety of a “textbook purchase” requiring a check to be made payable to an ad agency, Arlen Medical Education Products, LLC was formed.    Within a year’s time, Arlen Med Ed’s triage-focused pocket references became the gold standard and changed how emergency medicine was taught in medical schools. These references also paved the way for Critical Care Nurses, Physician Assistants and EMTs to later attain certification that allowed them to administer drugs to patients as part of Emergency Advanced Cardiac Life Support. These practices saved lives and eventually became a standard of care in other countries, too.  Arlen met with the Ministries of Health of Mexico and Argentina, and worked closely with their leading medical professionals to develop country specific protocols, adjusted to use only those drugs that were approved for use in those countries.  Soon the pocket references were being translated into French and Spanish and sold far and wide.    Years later, after suffering a freak heart attack of his own, Arlen decided to change his lifestyle and the focus of his work. Instead of teaching healthcare professionals how to treat heart attacks, he wanted to help people avoid them all together! Arlen then launched NEWtritious, a functional foods company that improves the nutritional profiles of easy to prepare foods; and addresses the chronic nutritional deficiencies that have been tied to degenerative diseases.   Today NEWtritious, LLC offers the following innovative functional foods: Kherb Appeal® is a tasty instant pudding that suppresses appetite & provides 1/2 your Daily Value of 19 essential vitamins and minerals. It's also a good source of fiber and is a natural way to relieve oneself from periodic constipation. HHiceCream® Probiotic Defense is a delicious soft serve frozen yogurt that has eared a label claim of supports immunity health and provides essential vitamin and mineral supplementation, while tastefully addressing the discomfort of diarrhea. Instant NEWtrition® is the savory alternative to those sugary-sweet meal replacement shakes. A 12oz., serving provides 17 grams of protein and more than 1/3 you’re Daily Value of 19 essential vitamins and minerals. Alpha Omega® Mix is an unflavored nutrient booster that can elevate one’s recipe into a complete, meal replacement. Haute Tomato® is a spicy tomato instant "Bloody Mary" mix, which delivers 1/2 your Daily Value of 19 essential vitamins and minerals.    

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Present Professional Affiliations: Past Chairman and Member, Board of Directors: Breathe LA (7 years) Chairman and Member, Board of Directors: SOSMentor (3 years) Secretary and Member, Board of Directors: Contra-Tiempo (3 years) Past Professional Affiliations: Chairman and Member, Board of Directors, American Lung Association of Los Angeles County (15 years) Member, Board of Directors, American Lung Association of California (5 years) Member, Board of Directors, Employment Management Association (4 years) Program Chair, District 5’s Board of Directors, Professionals In Human Resources Association (PIHRA) (18 years) Member, Board of Directors, PIHRA Foundation (Professionals In Human Resources Association) (4 years + 2 years) Member, Board of Directors, Asian American Alliance of Public Relations and Ad Agencies (3 years) Member, Board of Directors, American Social Marketing Association (ASMA) (2 years) Member, Board of Directors, World Trade Center Association of Los Angeles County (4 years) Member, Board of Directors, Dharma Heritage Foundation (4 years) Member, Society of Human Resources Management (18 years) Member, American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) (4 years + 3 years) Assistant Scoutmaster, Boy Scouts of America, Troop 117, Brentwood, CA (6 years) Member of the Order of the Arrow, Honor Society of the Boy Scouts of America (2 years + 6 years) Special Engagements: Judge: Clio Awards (3 years) Judge: Addy Awards (3 years) Pres. of Jury, Foreman of TV Entries: 11th Festival Mundial de Publicidade, Brazil Juror, Foreman of Print Entries and Panelist: 10th Festival Mundial de Publicidade, Brazil Speaker at: Seybold (3 years) Speaker at: MacWorld Expo (2 years) Contributing Editor: Ad Age, Asian Edition (5 years) Contributing Author: MicroPublishing Times (4 years) Other Employment: Intern/Legislative Analyst - Congressman Anthony Beilenson, Los Angeles, CA Law Clerk - Dryden Harrington and Swartz, Los Angeles, CA Special Assistant to Murillo Valente, Minister of International Trade, Acting Consul General of Brazil, Los Angeles, CA Docent and Tour Guide, Will Rogers State Park, Santa Monica, CA Short-order Cook, Sand & Sea Club, Santa Monica, CA Sandwich Maker, The Italian Deli, Santa Monica, CA Janitor, 320 Wilshire Building, Santa Monica, CA